Most importantly [The Quality Framework]¬†shows in a short easy to understand report the current state of the service, provides comparison with others, and an early warning of changes which impact on customers”.

Martin Vink, Development Control Manager, Ashford Borough Council.


The Quality Framework

Welcome to the future for performance measurement, quality and true continuous improvement for local council planning services.

The Planning Quality Framework starts by using much of the data that councils already send to government, supplements it with some new approaches to customer and quality feedback, and brings it all together in one tidy, holistic report.

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Overview presentation

PQF Overview from Martin Hutchings

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Productivity tool - Several people over the years have taken me gently to task over the lack of resources in the PQF. “What’s the point of talking about how well council A is doing something compared to council B without knowing if they are spending twice as much to do it ?”. This happened again the other day […]
A badge of honour - We've made a badge for councils participating in the quality framework to use on their websites and documents.
Performance Report - Take a look at an example of the web-based performance report councils are receiving.

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