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    Full details and a guide on submitting data are on this website here. Even if you are familiar with the routine, it is easy to miss the odd thing – here is a quick checklist
    to help you.

    When sending an excel spreadsheet of applications data into ‘’ please make sure you’ve:

    1. Included ALL applications received (not just decided cases).
    2. Used the date range 1st April 2013 – latest complete month.
    3. Included 2 worksheets in your spreadsheet – one called ‘applications’ and one called ‘lookups’.
    4. Used the EXACT column headings from the guide (see above) for the ‘applications’ and ‘lookups’ worksheets.  
    5. If this is your first submission it’s ok for the ‘lookups’ worksheet to be blank (i.e. just including the column headings). If this is your second+ submission, make sure your ‘lookups’ worksheet is completed – simply include the lookups worksheet from your last successful submission – we’ll have sent it to you with your latest report.
    6. Included the council ‘short name’ we supplied in the ‘council’
    column in the ‘applications’ and ‘lookups’ worksheet (all in lower case).
    7. Take time to have a quick ‘sense’ check of the data in each column – strange things an happen in Excel when data is uploaded into it from your management system/database e.g. are there words where you’d expect numbers? are the dates correctly formatted? are there blank spaces where there shouldn’t be? have extra columns of data appeared?
    8. Save the file as an ‘xlsx’ file: (council short name.xlsx) e.g. sthelens.xlsx.

    We’ll update this list as we learn – please post here to tell colleagues about anything you’ve found to be important.

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