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    I’ve asked around and it seems the most sensible time to ask you to send applications data into the Framework is when you are preparing your PS1/2 submissions. Councils are typically cleaning and extracting data at this time so it makes sense to run the PQF data extract around the same time. So, we’d like councils to submit full new sets of data by the end of the month following the end of each quarter i.e.:

    Quarter Jan – March 2015 (PQF submission during April 2015).

    Quarter April – June 2015 (PQF submission during July 2015).

    Quarter Jul – Sept 2015 (PQF submission during October 2015).

    Quarter October – December 2015 (PQF submission during January 2016).

    And so on…

    Make sure you also read the Forum post topic titled: Data Submission Checklist before submitting data.

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