New, “standard” report in pdf

We’re sending out a big dollop of reports today.

Several people have always stuggled with them, and there seems to be some kind of security lock-down thing that stops people opening html in their council-provided browser. Corporate IT, eh ?

So we’ve gone for pdf. It has its own set of problems (including looking quite ugly) and it has broken some of the formatting. But we’ve had several new sets of councils join, and some of the reports have been tweaked to make them more intuitive (we hope).

Anyway, if we waited for perfection we’d never do anything. So we’ve mailed them out along with an invitation to talk them through with us. Each plot has some kind of narrative, but I’ve noticed that people struggle to understand what the report says and how they might use it. By far the best way of doing this is to get a bunch of people in the room so they can compare notes.

See you in London ?