Productivity tool

Several people over the years have taken me gently to task over the lack of resources in the PQF. “What’s the point of talking about how well council A is doing something compared to council B without knowing if they are spending twice as much to do it ?”.

This happened again the other day at ALBPO and it pushed me to do something about it.┬áSo, without worrying about stitching it into the PQF here is a stand-alone productivity tool. It’s a bit clunky (it asks for a breakdown of applications which already exists in the PQF and drives the ‘headcount’ graph) but if it works and is useful we might use it as the basis for something we use to extend the PQF.

I’ve tried to make it easy. Grab the spreadsheet here. The presentation below should set out the process. It will probably change when a few brave souls have given it a whirl. Let me know what you think (Richard Crawley).